October ’21 Family Update

Good Afternoon Friends,                                                                    8 October 2021

This is an update on happenings in the Colin Landry Family and our thinking about our future.  The background: In June we moved from an approx. 16-year pastorate in Boston to Wheat Ridge, CO in order for me to become a principal of a small Christian school connected to a church.  

Well, my tenure as a principal lasted only five months, and four weeks ago I was released from my position.  I hasten to say that my release wasn’t due to any scandal: the church leadership and I had competing visions about the direction of the school, and mine lost out.  I should also hasten to say that the brothers and sisters in the church-school have treated us kindly and generously, and we parted ways without rancor.  

So now Tonia and I (and our daughters) find ourselves in Colorado attempting to figure out next steps.  It doesn’t feel so dramatic, but this is the actuality: we’re jobless, churchless, and homeless – – we do currently have a roof over our heads but our landlord would probably prefer us begone pronto!  Though don’t waste a second feeling sorry for us: I’ve dipped into plenty of self-pity already… to no good effect.  

Though it wasn’t our first reaction to being released, gradually over the last few weeks we’ve settled on the idea to re-enter the pastoral ministry.  Truth is, as uniquely burdensome as the preaching task is, these past months I’ve missed being employed in the study and delivery of the Word.  Another thing: we’re both thankful for the rather unconventional half-year break from shepherding souls AND ready and willing to return to those labors.  If God does open the way to pastoring, we’ll return eagerly, gratefully, and hopefully with a bit more of wisdom that comes by way of humbling trials.  

So we’re ready to minister God’s Word among a people.  But to whom exactly?  Where?  Short answer is: we don’t know.  But perhaps just here you could come into the picture – – If you know of a people that is looking for a pastor and would welcome one of middlin’ talents (All I have’s my honor, a tolerance for pain/ A couple of college credits and my [average] brain…)do please connect us.  

In the meantime, and in the absence of other direction, Tonia and I are taking steps to plant a church along the Front Range of Colorado – a region that extends from Fort Collins (not far from the WY border) down to CO Springs.  Steps include a) googling and driving around in an attempt to grasp the church scene, b) cold calling local pastors I don’t know to get their perspective and advice, c) meeting with pastors here that I know, d) keeping my ears open for people looking for a pastor/ church family.

We are open to, interested in ministering in CO for several reasons, the first being that, well, we’re here.  Also my mom’s with us, is just now moving into a house.  The area is growing, and so far every pastor I’ve spoken with says that there’s a need here for churches and pastors.  Also, I know the area, kinda “get” the people (as much as one can understand anyone else).  And finally, rather unimportantly, we do love us some mountains too.  

So, we’re here, looking into staying here.  Working toward staying here.  But until we “cross the Rubicon,” er, Rockies, we’re keeping our ears open to other opportunities/ challenges that aren’t here.  Remember, that’s where you might have something to say!  

To quickly bring you up to speed on the family: Ben is finishing undergrad in December and is waiting on his Lord for next steps.  Kai is moving from Army Reserves and is going active as soon as the paperwork is processed.  His hope is to train as a combat medic.  Paul is a freshman in college, adoringly and mindlessly following his oldest brother as a history major (that comment was simply to needle him, and he will be needled!).  Because we couldn’t afford to keep the girls in school, Tess and Liesel are homeschooling again (with a good attitude).  I could write a whole book about the amazing exploits of Teddy the Newfoundland; its precis would go something like: He eats, he sleeps, he licks his underbelly.

Friends, we are happy in God.  We are aware of a lot of God-work needing to be done in our thoughts and spirits.  We are eager to discover where the Good Shepherd brings us next.  Also, we find it curious that the New England Patriots had their run while we lived in Boston, and now that we’ve left are tanking just while the Denver Broncos begin their ascent.  Indeed –  goodness, troubles, and mysteries lie all ‘round.

Please pray for us.  Pray that we’ll get connected to a people in need of a pastor.  If the church planting idea gains traction, don’t be surprised to find a follow-up letter requesting that you part from some money!  Attached to this e-mail, please find a list of ten ingredients in our next church, God willing.  

Finally, I went to a gathering of pastors this past week and was privileged to listen to this sermon (starting around 10-minute mark).  The preacher was – for those who understand the allusion – BrettFelter-ish: rough-hewn, plain-spoken, prophetic bordering on un-hinged.  And his sermon went long, the introduction was sermon-length.  But man, does it come together.  Watch/listen to it – you’ll see and get some good spiritual gruel too.  

Keep in touch.



P.S. I’m sending this to my complete contact list, so my apologies if it isn’t relevant or welcome to you.  On the other hand, feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might be interested.  

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