I’m Colin Landry, trying to hold it together in Highlands Ranch, CO.  

Photos throughout are of my family [Tonia, Ben, Kai, Paul, Tess, Liesel], my dog [Teddy the Newfoundland], and the outdoors I’ve enjoyed.  Yes, it is the case that the posts’ photos are normally unrelated to the topic being treated!

All but two of the photos were taken by yours truly.  Credit for those other two:  Truly Talented Nephew Isaac [TTNI] took the one of the Boston door and I cribbed the glorious shot of Lake Tahoe from the internet.  Thanks internet! 

The blog name stems from three loves: for mountains, for an old boxer dog named “Storm,” for ministry among the Church.

God has done a lot for me, and I could talk about that for a while.  Though between you and me, He’s still got a lot of work in front of Him to shape me into the sort of human being He was after when he came up with the concept of homo-sapiens .  I’m a follower of Jesus, who incidentally is the Man God had in mind!  Here is a rather abstract (arid?) summary of how all this Jesus-following starts.  


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