An Evening In the Sierras Circa 1879

The beauty is entrancing.  The sinking sun is out of sight behind the western sierras, and all the pine-hung promontories on this side of the water are rich indigo, just reddened with lake, deepening here and there into Tyrian purple.  The peaks above, which still catch the sun, are bright rose-red, and all the mountains on the other side are pink; and pink, too, are the far-off summits on which the snow drifts rest.  Indigo, red, and orange tints stain the still water, which lies solemn and dark against the shore, under the shadow of stately pines. An hour later, and a moon nearly full – not a pale, flat disc, but a radiant sphere – has wheeled up into the flushed sky.  The sunset has passed through every stage of beauty, through every glory of colour, through riot and triumph, through pathos and tenderness, into a long, dreamy, painless rest, succeeded by the profound solemnity of the moonlight, and a still broken only by the night cries of beasts in the aromatic forests. – Isabella Bird A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains

**Photo taken from Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort website**

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