Aleph – 119:3

…Who also do no wrong,

but walk in his ways!


Also – These are two: There is keeping God’s testimonies and there is walking in His ways.  The intellectual and the volitional.  Orthodoxy and orthopraxy.  Worldview and obedience.  Godly imagination and a godly mission.

These testimonies and ways can be considered separately but shouldn’t be decided between.  By itself, a godly imagination is interesting (and in our era, attractive), but ultimately unhelpful, even deceptive.  It happens.  On the other hand, if orthopraxy is untethered from a robust engagement with God’s testimonies, the result is shallowness: be it shallow activism (e.g., many evangelical high school and college programs) or an unimaginative Pharisaism.

We’ll take this up later, and for now simply note that walking in God’s ways is the positively rendered flip side of doing no wrong; that is, not transgressing the will of God, not doing injustice, not despising mercy.  Walk in God’s Ways = Do No Harm.  Which is a different, deeper thing than in every moment appearing nice!


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